Sinopharm Medicine Holding Tianjin Pharmaceutical Logistics Center Planning & Operation Process Design Project

Sinopharm Medicine Logistics Co., Ltd. now relies on its nationwide distribution network and retail chain operations as the basis. Combined with the GSP system and unified information platform, it develops the “Sinopharm modern logistics” through the resources re-organization and process re-engineering.

Sinopharm Tianjin distribution center, as a rising star in recent years, recorded strong growth in handling capacity and sales amount. However, as the original purpose of the current warehouse is used as office, the hardware could not meet the increasing need of the customers, which has already hindered the operations of the Tianjin Centre.

Project Summary

Due to facility constraints and development needs, Sinopharm Medicine Logistics Limited has employed BPS to conduct the on-site research & data analysis, and utilized the advanced supply chain optimization technique, IE technology, EIQ-PCB-ABC analysis, to carry out the conceptual and functional design of the Logistics Centre.

Based on the below design concepts, BPS. has helped Sinopharm Medicine Logistics Co., Ltd to build the new logistics center in Tianjin, including:

  • Rationalization: to review the necessity and rationality of various processes, eliminate unnecessary operating procedures and steps to reduce the uncertainties generated by the system, strictly control passenger and cargo flows, and emphasize on security surveillance;
  • Simplistic: to make the system clear, simple, easy to operate, and standardized,, delete unnecessary functional areas, reduce the repetitive tasks of replenishment and avoid cross-moving lines;
  • Mechanization: a modern logistics system design process should be used to minimize the dependence of the manual operation, and the use of mechanization or further automation equipment, to improve operating efficiency, and reduce man-made errors that may occur;
  • With the consideration the mechanization, automation and the throughput analysis, there is need to ensure that the amount of investment within the budget and avoid excessive investment, which increase the future operation and depreciation costs.

Investment Term

Through this design, the BPS helped Sinopharm Medicine Logistics Co., Ltd. in Tianjin to build a modern logistics center with high standard and reasonable investment, and promoted Sinopharm business within the region.

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