Enhance Business Operations Via Warehouse Automation

Create value through smart warehouse logistics, make full use of our one-stop solutions for maximising your warehouse space. Based on a thorough understanding of the client's industry, operations, business model and resources, the expert consultants at BPS Logistics Technology can comprehensively redesign, implement and improve all aspects of the client's supply chain.

Warehouse Robots at your Service

Warehouse robots are essential in streamlining supply chains, ensuring efficiency in the logistics process. Autonomous Mobile Robots (KIVA), Guided Forklift (AGF), High Bay Robot (HBR), and other robotic automation systems handle repetitive tasks, minimise human error and boost fulfillment speeds.   With AI and IoT technologies, they can quickly fulfill tasks and refine overall operational workflows, setting new era of productivity standards in warehouse management.

Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Robotic Logistics Solutions
Our navigated forklift AGV systems including vision-navigated pallet forklift AGV, vision-navigated counterbalanced forklift AGV, vision-navigated reach forklift AGV.
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Robotic Logistics Solutions
The increasing popularity of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) is based on the adaptability of the technology by removing any hassle of adjusting physical barriers.
High Bay Robot (HBR)

High Bay Robot (HBR)

Robotic Logistics Solutions
High Bay Robot is a robotic case-handling automated storage and retrieval system, which was the first invented and the first one to put into commercial.
Airport Authority Hong Kong
Chinachemp Group
Harvey Norman
HK Electric

Customised Solutions Specifically for Your Business

BPS Logistics Technology provides customised end-to-end automation solutions starting from consultancy services to project execution and maintenance. We tailor comprehensive warehouse, manufacturing and supply chain automation to revolutionise productivity and efficiency.

Solution Design & Consultancy

Our experts in solution design and consultancy services help define the automation strategy that takes your logistics capabilities to the next level, and we evaluate processes, specify requirements and create solutions tailored to your operations.

Logistics Automation Implementation

We assess the unique needs based on the type of clients’ products to implement the most effective automated technology for goods-to-person fulfillment. Solutions such as AMR/AGF, sortation system as well as Pick-to-Light significantly enhance warehouse operations.

Project Execution & Maintenance

Our project management services and maintenance guarantee high-quality, safe project delivery with a focus on efficiency. Leveraging sophisticated tools, the team expertly manages planning, execution and site supervision, ensuring operational excellence.

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