Spray Disinfection Robot

With the rising of public health awareness in the society, we know that routine disinfection is important in building a strong defense against the virus around us, here we introduce the spray disinfection robots are designed to work 24/7 and applicable to maintain environmental hygiene at warehouses, offices, schools, shopping malls, and hospitals, etc. The lab test certified that spraying  aerosolized disinfectant to sanitize in the air and safe for humans. The robots secure regular and systematic around the clock unmanned operations, thorough disinfection via AI, ultrasonic sensor, anti-collision technology and laser navigation.


  • 24/7 automated operations
  • Increase disinfection frequency
  • Automated disinfection system
  • Disinfection route set by AI
  • 8 hours battery backup
  • Automatic recharging function
  • Safety, durable, reliable

Different Models

Smart Spray Disinfection Robot
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