Automation to Enable Precision, Compliance and Efficiency

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly growing with new technological advances. Companies need to adapt automation to maximize efficiency and speed. With the right solutions, they can operate faster, cost-efficiently and compliantly. BPS Logistics Technology smart automation solutions are designed to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution and help them implement technology to gain competitive advantages.


Pharmaceutical businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Need for precise tracking and temperature compliance

Preventing errors and contamination

Serialization for regulatory compliance


Vertical Carousel

Pick-to-light to reduce the amount of floor space required for drug storage.
Fit a variety of differently sized medications to ensure convenient storage.
Improve efficiency in the medication dispensing process.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (KIVA)

Transferring raw materials from storage to the manufacturing line.
Seamless transfer of batches between manufacturing process stages.
Transferring packaging materials to packing areas.
Hazardous material handling.

High Density Racking System

Dedicated rack sections for each product category enable organised storage.
Protect temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in climate-controlled zones.
Maximise cube utilisation for optimised inventory capacity.
Industry Case

Compiling to GMP standards in the setup of a new distribution centre, creating specialized storage areas including cold rooms for temperature-sensitive drugs, implementing an automated warehouse system for efficient product management, installing a special ventilation system to control environment conditions, and establishing a comprehensive building management system to monitor the facility's electrical systems.

Our Solution

BPS Logistics Technology takes a comprehensive approach to deliver a compliant distribution centre focused on safety, accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions encompass specialized systems, isolated material handling, precision automation such as AMRs, Vertical Carousel, and improvements to meet strict pharmaceutical quality and regulatory standards.

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