Optimising Logistics Operations in the Aviation Industry

The air cargo industry heavily relies on efficient logistics to transport time-sensitive goods around the world. Manual handling presents risks and delays that can compromise customer commitments. BPS Logistics Technology provides automated technology solutions to streamline workflows while enhancing its operations and logistics management.


Aviation businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Handling large volumes of packages moving through terminals daily

Ensuring on-time delivery for perishable items and urgent shipments

Potential for damage during repetitive manual handling


Conveyor System

Move much higher volumes of goods per hour compared to manual handling
Automatically routes goods between different processes and staging areas
Eliminate the need for manual lifting, pushing and transporting of goods
Seamlessly interface automated sorting lines to streamline material flows

Sortation Systems

Can process thousands of units per hour, far more than manual sorting
Provide real-time visibility into cargo movements through the sortation process
Reduces the number of workers needed for sorting process
Industry Case
Hangzhou Airport Smart Logistics Park

The client had strategic challenges because of the limited market understanding, lack of unique design concepts and unclear long-term strategy, and the financial expectations need to be evaluated and assessed for their feasibility. These problems could cause inappropriate marketing that would not be aligned with expectations and missed potential opportunities.

Our Solution

BPS Global was engaged in the research process to come up with new and appropriate solutions to utilize existing business models. A strategic long-term plan that is inclusive of sustainability and consultancy, to cover development and operations. Our expertise minimized the risks and guaranteed the success of the project, while the practicability studies and ROI metrics provided financial clarity and investment guidance. A broad range of recommendations seized the moment and were in line with the client’s vision.

Airport Authority Hong Kong
Chinachemp Group
Harvey Norman
HK Electric

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