Efficient Operations for Government Facilities

Government organizations face serious challenges managing inventory and logistics for facilities like hospitals, warehouses and depots. BPS Logistics Technology provides advanced automation to optimize workflows, inventory control and order fulfilment so government facilities can operate efficiently.


Government businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Managing and tracking high volumes of supplies and devices

Lack of inventory visibility leading to stockouts or expirations

Limited space for inventory storage


Pallet Shuttle System

Allows dense storage of pallets in narrow aisles, optimising storage capacity
Integrates with WMS for real-time inventory tracking and control
Shuttles move horizontally and vertically to store and retrieve pallets

Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Automates horizontal transport to eliminate the need for human forklift operators
An accurate guidance system allows operation in narrow aisles
Optimized lift paths and ability to carry multiple pallets to improve throughput

Autonomous Mobile Robots (KIVA)

Transport materials, medications, linens, and supplies between departments
Operate safely around people and enable human-robot workflow collaboration
Modular carts and bins for specialised payloads like cold chain items
Industry Case
Hospital Authority

The Hospital Authority faces challenges of inefficient manual workflows, limited warehouse capacity requiring expensive offsite restocking, labour-intensive and unsafe forklift operations, and difficulty meeting rapid emergency order times. Overall, the current manual system leads to constrained capacity, poor inventory control and unreliable order fulfilment.

Our Solution

BPS Logistics Technology implements an end-to-end automation solution featuring technologies like advanced Shuttle Racking, Autonomous Guided Forklifts, and Pallet Shuttle systems to transform storage and handling processes and maximize efficiency, capacity, automation capabilities and cost reduction for the organisation.

Airport Authority Hong Kong
Chinachemp Group
Harvey Norman
HK Electric

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