Vertical Carousel

Vertical carousels are an excellent solution for optimizing warehouse space and productivity. The systems maximize vertical space utilization and allow quick access to stored items.    

A vertical carousel consists of shelves that rotate around a central axis like a Ferris wheel. Operators select an item using an electronic panel, which rotates the shelf to the access point.  

The main benefit is maximizing floor space utilization. By using vertical space, carousels can store a large volume of items in a small footprint, ideal for facilities with limited floor area.  

Vertical carousels also improve productivity and efficiency. Operators can quickly access stored items, reducing the time to find and retrieve items manually. This speeds up order fulfillment and improves workflow.  

Another advantage is enhanced inventory management. Operators can easily track and manage inventory levels using the electronic control panel, ensuring items are always in stock.

Overall, vertical shelves rotate to present desired bins within easy reach of operators, who remain stationary throughout retrieval operations, and they can greatly transform warehouse operations. By optimizing space utilization, improving productivity, and enhancing inventory management, these systems help businesses achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Vertical Carousel Benefits:

  • Space-saving design
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Picking accuracy
  • Picking Productivity
  • Product stored securely

Vertical Carousel is suitable for:

  • Many SKUs
  • Small product sizes
  • High-security requirement
  • Raw materials, semi-finished products, small carton box, etc.

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