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Arena Simulation Software

BPS Global is an authorized Arena Simulation Software distributor for Hong Kong/ Macau /China.

Automated Picking System

Automated Picking System is one of the solutions for warehouse automation. The Intelligent and Automated Picking System enables automatic high-density storage, which helps reducing warehouse rental cost and labor cost.‍

Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Our latest autonomous floor scrubbing robot is leading the way in revolutionizing cleaning operations.

Conveyor System

Conveyor systems are an essential piece of equipment for efficiently transporting materials.

High Bay Robot (HBR)

High Bay Robot is a robotic case-handling automated storage and retrieval system, which was the first invented and the first one to put into commercial.

High-Speed Door System

High-speed door systems are automatic door systems that are mainly used in industrial applications.

Mobile Racking

By converting racking aisles into useable space for logistics and other purposes, mobile racking systems can create up to 100% increase in available pallet locations, offering a cost-effective storage solution.

Pallet Shuttle

Thanks to high-quality components and simple design, BPS Global provides pallet shuttles to clients which perform with a high productivity level and top reliability.

Put Pick to Light System

Put-to-Light is similar to Pick-to-light, only the process is reversed. It used to direct operators during the order fulfillment process.

Robotic Arms

Picking is not only one of the most cost- and labor-intensive processes in a warehouse, it also has the highest error rates.

Sortation Systems

A sorter is a system which performs sortation of products (goods, luggage, mail, etc.) according to their destinations.

Spray Disinfection Robot

With the rising of public health awareness in the society, we know that routine disinfection is important in building a strong defense against the virus around us.

Vertical Carousel

Vertical carousels are an excellent solution for optimizing warehouse space and productivity.
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