Revolutionizing Efficiency and Storage Capacity for Boosting eCommerce Sales

Traditional logistics systems no longer keep up the pace with the high-demand nature of the e-commerce industry. With a diverse range of product categories and a massive volume of transactions, the need for an efficient system is essential. We provide an integrated automated solution designed around specific products, scenarios, and business models, enhancing efficiency, storage capacity, and competitive advantages for our clients.


E-commerce businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Handling large SKUs of small items

High error rates in order processing

Limitations on time for order fulfilment and delivery


Autonomous Mobile Robots (KIVA)

Enables continuous picking through smart order grouping
Transport inventory between different processes to boost efficient workflow
Automate repetitive transport tasks to lower operational costs

Sortation System

Sort large volumes of orders accurately into destination lines
Boost processing speed, allowing it to handle more orders quickly
Integrate with WMS and conveyors to smoothen the workflow process

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Provides real-time inventory tracking to ensure accurate data on stock levels
Optimize the use of warehouse space by systematically allocating items
Synchronize with e-commerce platforms that reduce manual data entry
Industry Case

HKTVmall needed a highly efficient logistics solution capable of handling a broad range of product sizes at a high throughput, while maintaining extreme accuracy in order processing. Additionally, they aimed to improve the warehouse working environment.

Our Solution

BPS Logistics Technology provided a customized automatic crossbelt sorter system that boosted productivity, handled a wide range of products, and achieved a 99% accuracy rate in order processing. This system also improved the warehouse working environment by automating tasks.

Airport Authority Hong Kong
Chinachemp Group
Harvey Norman
HK Electric

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