Upgrade to Smart Manufacturing for Greater Efficiency

Traditional manufacturing facilities face challenges with aging equipment that is costly to repair and maintain, and employees are often required to make crucial decisions based on intuition rather than data-driven insights. This can limit operational efficiency and productivity. BPS Logistics Technology provides customized logistics automation to help optimize material flows, quality control and more.


Manufacturing businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Competition often leads to pricing pressures, demanding higher efficiency and innovation

Ensuring consistent product quality while managing costs and meeting regulatory standards

Finding and retaining skilled labour for advanced manufacturing processes can be difficult


Automated Conveyor System

Streamline material flow, reducing bottlenecks and optimizing workflow, leading to improved efficiency
Ensure consistent and timely material movement, reducing idle time
Efficiently deliver products, preventing congestion and stoppages to achieve smooth operations

Autonomous Mobile Robots (KIVA)

Quickly move inventory, lowering costs and optimizing capacity
Accurate delivery and inventory management streamline operations and effectiveness
Equipped with sensors, AMRs can safely navigate around obstacles autonomously

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

By linking with barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), it improves data accuracy, minimizes product losses
Higher data accuracy, minimized production changeovers, and improved overall equipment effectiveness
Integrates a Warehouse Execution System (WMS) to provide superior visibility into the material movement
Industry Case

The main pain points for implementing the new automated warehouse system are integration with existing systems, insufficient employee training, potential technical issues, an aggressive timeline, and disruption to current workflows.

Our Solution

BPS Logistics Technology??s solutions focus on allowing enough time for thorough system testing, conducting early employee training sessions, hiring extra technical support during the rollout phase, gradually phasing in the new system in stages, and regularly consulting warehouse employees for feedback throughout the transition period. These solutions aim to address the key pain points around integration, training, technical issues, aggressive timelines, and workflow disruption.

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