Advanced Automation: Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations

The healthcare sector, with its unique challenges and stringent standards, demands innovative solutions. BPS Logistics Technology answers this call with bespoke automation technologies designed for maximum efficiency and compliance. Our systems are a beacon of innovation, streamlining complex processes in healthcare environments. By embracing BPS Logistics Technology's advanced automation, healthcare providers unlock new levels of precision and efficiency. These solutions not only enhance patient care but also ensure the seamless management of pharmaceuticals, embodying the perfect synergy of technology and healthcare excellence.


Healthcare businesses face a diverse set of challenges:

Stringent Regulatory Compliance

Temperature and Environment Control for Sensitive Products

Error Reduction in Handling and Distribution


Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Effortlessly integrates with various site systems, enhancing operational flow and efficiency
Agile manoeuvring through healthcare facility spaces, ensuring swift and precise task execution
Ensures safe and accurate healthcare product handling with high loading capacity and precise parking accuracy

Pallet Shuttle System

Specially designed to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive healthcare products, ensuring top reliability
Features smart traffic management and modular configuration for optimal storage conditions and space utilization
Capable of handling large pharmaceutical inventories, enhancing storage efficiency and reducing physical space requirements
Minimizes space and labour costs, maintaining high operational efficiency in fast-paced healthcare settings

Smart Monitoring and Control System

Ensures optimal storage conditions for sensitive products, automatically adjusting environmental parameters
Incorporates obstacle avoidance and fault detection for reliable handling and storage of healthcare items
Facilitates high-efficiency storage and retrieval, essential for scaling healthcare product demands
Offers scalable solutions to meet evolving needs, ensuring long-term utility in the dynamic healthcare industry
Industry Case
Hospital Authority

The Hospital Authority was confronted with the challenge of creating an efficient, centralized storage system for critical emergency supplies, including personal protective equipment and linens. The existing manual processes were inadequate for the required scale and efficiency. The need for a seamlessly integrated, automated solution was paramount to enhance storage capabilities and ensure quick, error-free retrieval, vital in emergency scenarios.

Our Solution

In response, BPS Logistics Technology implemented a state-of-the-art Shuttle Racking System, coupled with Automated Guided Forklift (AGF) trucks and a Pallet Shuttle system. This setup, leveraging the latest in 'video analytic' technology and AI, revolutionized the storage process, enabling fully unmanned operations. The AGF trucks were meticulously integrated with existing manual cargo lifts, ensuring smooth inter-floor transportation. The Pallet Shuttle system's advanced features, including automatic level and aisle adjustment and battery charging, significantly elevated the operational efficiency and reliability of the storage system. This solution, poised for completion by 2024, is a testament to BPS Logistics Technology's commitment to pioneering healthcare facility automation.

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Chinachemp Group
Harvey Norman
HK Electric

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