Cubiscan Automatic Dimensioning System

BPS Logistics Technology is the authorised dealer of Cubiscans, the cubing and weighing systems for Hong Kong and China. This system will help you operate more efficiently as they become an essential part of your cubing effort in logistics planning, storage space allocation, material sorting, manifesting, and general material handling and warehousing processes.

Advantage of Cubiscan dimensioning systems:

  • Can measure anything, anywhere
  • Extremely accuracy and precision for cubing and dimensioning
  • Wide array of dimensioning systems to accommodate all types of work environments
  • Come in many design and configurations

Different Models

Cubiscan 100/110
Cubiscan 125
Cubiscan 150
Cubiscan 225
Cubiscan 25
Cubiscan 275
Cubiscan 325
Cubiscan 75
Cubiscan In-motion
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