Smart Spray Disinfection Robot

The Spray Disinfection Robot, executes swift, accurate and automated sterilization using liquid agents. Equipped with an atomization component which disinfectant flow rate as fast as 2.4L/h with effective 4.5m coverage. The robot adapts LiDAR sensor, RGBD depth camera and ultrasonic sensor, effectively avoids obstacles in 2cm distance. The lab test certified that the aerosolized disinfectant (chlorine dioxide and phytoncide) is safe for humans. By equipped laser navigation, robot is able to decide the route for disinfecting and recharging. The interface is easy to use and able to control operations on touchscreen display for setting up the disinfecting location, time and frequency.

The Spray Disinfection Robot is applicable to indoor environments such as warehouses, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, schools, and airports, etc.

  • 24/7 automated operations
  • Increase disinfection frequency
  • Automated disinfection system
  • Disinfection route set by AI
  • 8 hours battery backup
  • Automatic recharging function
  • Safety, durable, reliable


  • Disinfectant: risk-free, safe for human
  • Atomization effect: 4.5m disinfection coverage
  • Disinfectant flow rate: 2.4L/h
  • Disinfection mode: user-defined mode, automated
  • Multi-sensors: LiDAR sensor, RGBD depth camera, ultrasonic sensor and
  • Reminder function: voice prompt
  • Display screen: 10.1" touchscreen display for disinfection route customization & scheduling
  • Dimensions: 508 x 1182 mm

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