BPS Global equipped HAECO with Automated Sorting System

BPS Global has been entrusted by Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO) to install a fully automated sorting system for their warehouse. Our ultimate goal is to establish a 24-7 non-stop “Goods-to-person” smart warehouse solution to achieve zero time wasted in idle period of input/output and minimum human error, so to enhance the stability of order completion.

Within 5 months, BPS Global has to complete the refurbishment of the 5,000 square feet warehouse. This project involves various logistics technologies: e.g., linking the Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Autonomous Case-Handling Robots (ACR a.s.a. Transfer Robots) so that operators can easily monitor the input and output of the goods; maximizing the storage space by enhancing the quantity of storage area with library inventory function.

The seamless logistics system hugely increases the efficiency and accuracy in the operation. Upon receiving the order from the operator, HAI Q IWMS automatically sends out the Autonomous Case-Handling Robots (ACR) to transfer the cases of goods from storage area to sorting zone. Operator then can immediately complete the output and input process according to instructions from system. After that, the robots will transfer the processed cases from the work station to corresponding storage area quickly. There are 2 work stations in the system: Cache Shelves work station for daily orders and Human-Machine Direct Picking work station for urgent orders. The 2 work stations in the system provide ultimate efficiency and flexibility to the company.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, our staff could only monitor the installation remotely. We pay extra effort to overcome all sorts of difficulties to ensure everything is done properly and precisely according to plan. The whole project is expected to complete in September. With our extensive experience and expertise, BPS Global has the full confidence that we can tailor-make the most suitable Autonomous Warehouse Solutions for our clients with different business natures.

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