Shanghai Pudong International Airport "Super Cargo Terminal" Logistics Process Consultancy Project Was Successfully Completed

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the top international air cargo hubs in China. It is grasping opportunities and facing challenges in rapid development during the COVID-19. Compared with the existing cargo handling capacity 4 million tons, the international cargo volume is forecast to reach 4.51 million tons in 2027, the international cargo volume is forecast to reach 4.51 million tons in 2027. In order to fulfill such high handling demand, the "Super Cargo Terminal" project was emerged. With extensive experience in planning international air logistics facilities and being "The Largest Warehouse Automation System Integrator in Hong Kong", BPS Global was invited to participate this consultancy project.

The project covers the area of about 2.2 million sq.ft. and the cargo terminal occupies more than 1.1 million sq.ft. As air cargo volumes increase, we integrated “Smart” elements on its conceptual functional layout and air cargo handling process, coupled with the use of the most advanced logistics technology to develop high level automation solutions.

It’s a big challenge we need to solve two major issues for this project. Firstly, to enhance the current air cargo operations such as repetitive manual works and low efficiency at Pudong International Airport. Secondly, it is necessary to identify the key points of future improvement in the current freight market.

The cargo terminal is a two-storey high standard logistics facility with a double-sided ramp design. The annual air cargo handling capacity over 800,000 tons. Pallet Container Handling System (PCHS) and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) are specifically designed to provide sufficient storage for the goods. In addition, the transit processing center contains 93,000 sq.ft. for the cargo transition handling. We designed the collection transit center to facilitate the possibility to collect and transport the pre-loaded container from Yangshan Special Free Trade Zone in the future. The imported and exported cold chain goods are stored in the cold chain warehouses at the first and second floor, which can independently adjust the required temperature. All packing, unpacking processes and loading docks are designed with temperature-controlled environments to meet the standard of CEIV Pharma/GMP.

The "Super Cargo Terminal" aims to become a "Famous Landmark" of aviation logistics facility in Shanghai and even in China. We adhered the design concept of "Automation" and "Intelligence" and provided service to drive the overall air cargo development of Pudong International Airport.

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