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BPS Logistic Technology has helped hundreds of businesses automate their warehouse operations and optimise supply chain. We provide end-to-end solutions ranging from warehouse management systems to robotics and system integration.

With over three decades in logistics technology, BPS Logistic Technology integrates software, robotics, and the latest technologies to automate repetitive and labour-intensive tasks like material handling, sorting, and inventory tracking using mobile robots, autonomous guided forklifts, robotic arms, vertical carousel storage systems, sortation, and conveyor systems.

We also offer consulting and customisation services to evaluate clients' operations, identify automation opportunities, and implement the right mix of technologies to meet their key goals. With warehouse automation implemented, businesses can enjoy improved efficiency, reduced costs, increased accuracy, and support growth.

Operating as a value-adding system integrator, we invest our attention and time in fully understanding our client's business environment and implementing “best practice solutions” to meet clients’ unique needs. We aim to develop smart, seamless, and affordable solutions that enhance productivity and maintain competitiveness.

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