Picking Optimisation

Automated picking systems are most often used nowadays to increase throughput even further by reducing manual tasks. Depending on the type and turnover rate of clients’ products, the BPS Logistics Technology team will find the best solution to achieve goods-to-person fulfilment by robotic technology. Autonomous Mobile Robots and Pick and Drop to Light are two possible solutions to achieve picking optimisation, upgrading the warehouse with productivity, efficiency, quality, reliability, and level of product density enhanced.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Order picking is considered to be the most challenging task in warehouse automation. To increase efficiency and lower the manpower cost, BPS Logistics Technology provides autonomous mobile robots with Goods-to-person fulfilment technology that can be smoothly integrated into an existing warehouse and achieve over a thousand picks per hour. In return, our clients can benefit from rapid return-on-investment, high picking quality, and shorter order processing times.

High Bay Robot

The High Bay Robot is a robotic case-handling automated storage and retrieval system, which was the first invented and the first one to be put into commercial use. It consists of High Bay Robots, multifunctional workstations, smart charging stations, storage systems, and the intelligent management system.

Robotic Picking

Picking is not only one of the most cost- and labour-intensive processes in a warehouse, it also has the highest error rates. With Robotic Picking technology and our long-standing expertise, we help our clients to facilitate picking and increase order accuracy based on their item and order structure.

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