Strategic Planning and Functional Design for Yuan Hong International Food Industrial Park

The Yuan Hong Industrial Park, covering an area of about 1.3 million sq. m., is dedicated to high value-added food industry. Positioned as a comprehensive modern food industrial park, it amalgamates many varied functions, including food production and logistics, trade show, Third Party Logistics(3PL), customs clearance, and business matching, etc., thereby leading to a modernized food enterprise.

Considering its strategic positioning and development, Salim Wanye (Shanghai) Enterprises Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Salim Group, appointed BPS Global Group as the consultant to provide strategic planning and functional design on the whole project. BPS Consultants delivered substantial, forward-looking, and viable solutions as guidelines on project operation and development, including core strategies of marketing positioning and functional requirements, overall operational planning, marketing strategic analysis, return on investment estimation, financing and risk control, etc.

About Salim

Salim Group, through its subsidiaries, engages in food manufacturing, agribusiness, distribution and retail, telecommunications, automobile, building materials, real estate, hotels and resorts, banking and financial services, infrastructure, chemical manufacturing, and international trade sectors. Salim Group was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its stock market capitalization is around USD 12 billion.

Site Investigations and Market Research in Different Specialized Markets of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan

A series of comprehensive and effective market research is conducted to assess the project feasibility, such as policy environment, specialized market segments, potential competitors, as well as the radioactive places. After thorough discussion with client, we also studied, collected and analyzed the relating figures and data with an aim of providing a reliable basis for project development analysis, market positioning, construction, and operation plan. During the research process, our professional team undertook an all-rounded research focusing on imported aquatic products, meats, and fruits. Extensive survey on wide range of specialized markets were applied including The Tsukiji Market and Nijo Fish Market in Japan, Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Marine Fish Market and Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market in Hong Kong, Frozen Food Market in Panyu, Guangzhou, Wholesale Agricultural Products Market in Fuzhou, etc.

In addition, BPS also interviewed some experts who possess rich experience in importing aquatic product and visited some leading aquatic enterprises in Hong Kong. For the purpose of getting better understanding of international aquatic markets and the process of importing different species of seafood, an in-depth research has been conducted in regard to how Southeast Asia live seafood enter Hong Kong market and its distribution routes. Such enables us to understand overall import approach, including methods of how to receive fish, how to transport and transshipment, as well as the professional advice on the equipment and methods used for transporting live fish. Finally, the captioned Industrial Park is ready to be positioned as an international import commodity trading center for imported high-end consumer markets for fresh seafood, frozen meat and fruits.

Strategies for Three Core Markets

Execution is imperative to this project, therefore a careful thought and painstaking effort is required before putting plans into operation. After extensive research and panel discussion, BPS proposed below operation ideas for three core markets:

  1. Operational planning on how to import aquatic products from Indonesia to Fuqing
  2. Operational planning on how to import frozen meat to Fuqing
  3. Operational planning on how to import fresh vegetables to Fuqing

Riding on Salim’s business strength, BPS experts developed a tailor-made, effective operating procedure for importing the live fish from Indonesia to Fuqing. In order to enhance the competitiveness amongst the target markets, product differentiation strategy is adopted and the project results and deliverables are highly recognized by Fuqing Government. “We are extremely impressed by the professionalism of BPS Global in arriving at a viable solution to us.”, the secretary of Fuqing city, Mr. Wong commented after the meeting.

The comprehensive logistics supply chain solutions and operating system will undoubtedly lead to the development of the Yuan Hong Investment Park as well as the entire Fuqing city.

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