Launch of Innovative Automation System for Global Telecom Leader

As a reputed automation solution provider dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances, BPS Global was invited with great honour to participate in an innovative warehouse automation upgrade project for global telecom leader in 2017.

With products and services used in more than 170 countries worldwide, the client has built thousands of networks, helping to connect over one-third of the world's population. Before the implementation of this project, large amount of manpower was responsible for the cargoes’ dimensioning, weighing, wrapping and photo-taking process in the warehouse. This method was not only time-consuming, but also resulted in high rate of stock data entry errors. As no instant data was available in the old system, it was uneasy to trace the problem source. In order to address this issue, BPS developed a one-stop solution integrating the above functions into one automatic warehouse system, to enhance the accuracy of stock data and hence cut down the labour costs.

The new automation system can be connected with our client's existing warehouse management system, hence all the cargoes’ information can undergo real-time communication during warehouse transit, thus staffs’ efficiency is improved and the logistics process time is shorten as well. At the same time, the new system can achieve better data accuracy, which is useful for subsequent data analysis and logistics cost control. In addition, the new automation system is equipped with the capability for stacking multiple pallets at the same time, measuring the cargoes’ size and weight for each pallet independently. As a result, manpower and logistics transportation costs are saved.

Furthermore, in response to clients’ concerns over low efficiency of truck loading, we specially designed a new loading software to address the problem. With the help of this software, the optimal loading plan with suitable truck model and quantity is calculated with basic cargo information input. In return, the loading software can help save manpower and improve the data accuracy. This further saves the loading schedule time and enhances the truck loading rate and logistics transport efficiency.

BPS developed this integrated automation system based on clients’ specific needs, using advanced technology to smoothen the warehouse operation. In return, the logistics efficiency is raised and the costs are saved. This eventually helps our client stay competitive and better equipped to cope with their market expansion.

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