An Automatic Cubing and Weighing System Provided for Hong Kong's Largest Container Terminal Company

The client is a Hong Kong logistics contract service provider with over 70 years of operation, as well as one of the largest container terminal companies in Hong Kong. For the process such as measuring the size of goods, weighing, taking photos, packing and load planning, our client handles these manually before the project was implemented at Tin Shui Wai warehouse, which was not only time-consuming, but also made large measurement errors. If lack of physical images when the goods were stored in the warehouse, it was difficult to trace the record for the subsequent production . Therefore, BPS Global provides the solutions to help implement the CubiScan 100, an automatic cubing and weighing system. We are grateful to gain the trust and support from client. As a reputed automation solution provider dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances, BPS Global continues to innovate with leading technologies in response to customer needs and boost their competitiveness.

The cubing and weighing system CubiScan 100 is an valuable tool in freight manifesting. Quicker and more reliable than manual measurements, the CubiScan 100 helps shippers get it right the first time by applying the correct dimensional-based shipping charges and eliminating those costly charge-backs. For carriers, you can easily and reliably audit the freight you receive from customers. Fully adopt touch screen display and control panel, you can control the work by finger-tip. BPS Global also installs barcode scanning equipment for customers and it is used with photographic devices to capture and record physical cargo images, weights and dimensions in one way.

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