Guangzhou R&F International Airport Integrated Logistics Park

Guangzhou R&F International Airport integrated logistics park was invested and developed by Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. (Stock code at SEHK: 2777). The total investment is around 5 billion RMB. It was situated in industrial area of Huadu, Guangzhou, which is near to Guangzhou New Baiyuan Airport and Guangzhou Hyundai Commercial Vehicles manufacturing base. It is about 6km to the north of Guangzhou New Baiyuan International Airport, connecting the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway. Having great geographical location, the project covers an area of 1,323,356 square meters while industrial and logistical area covers 823,002 square meters.

In 2005, Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. chose the BPS Global Group to provide professional logistics services for this project.

Project Summary

First, the Group carried out marketing research regarding the regional economic development, transportation support and government planning in Guangzhou. It conducted analysis on targeted market, future development trend and formulated the direction for project development.

Then, based on the market positioning and demand, the Group designed the conceptual and functional plan. Targeting on major logistics firms, manufacturers, etc, the Group provided solution which includes the storage logistics facilities platform, processing plant and other related facilities.

Investment Term

In the end of 2006, the Group provided R&F Airport integrated logistics project with investment agency and entrusted operations management. Also, it built the high-end logistics platform, attracted clients from all over the world, developed value-adding logistics business and nurtured professionals excelled in operations and management.

Huadu Integrated Logistics Development Project Design for R&F

Guangzhou R & F Properties Group Huadu integrated logistics development projects is located in Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou Jingu Industrial Zone. It is adjacent to the modern aviation hub, New Baiyun Airport, in Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport and Guangzhou Hyundai commercial vehicle production center, with planning area of 1,323,356 square meters, of which 625,000 square meters is for logistics purpose. It will rely on large air transport market of the new Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou automotive industry chain and its supporting services as the foundation basis, and combine the lean logistics, processing, ancillary and diversified functions into one group, and attains the diversified development in the areas of air logistics and distribution processing.

Project Summary

To ensure high standard in quality, and low-risk for investment, Guangzhou R & F Properties hired HKLTS as the project consultant. We have conducted functional planning and design for the industrial zone, provided professional advice for the development of the air cargo logistics business and diversified warehousing functions, thereby reducing the potential risks for future project development, in which Guangzhou R & F Properties Co., Ltd. and its partners could achieve a win-win cooperation and long-term development.

Meanwhile, we also offered advice on selection of logistics and support facilities, and created the first-class logistics platform for various large well-known companies, manufacturers, in order to meet the special needs of each unique customer.

Investment Term

In this project, the HKLTS provided R & F the Huadu Logistics project with a high standard in construction, low-risk investment environment, and helped Guangzhou R & F Properties to diversity its warehousing business and reduce the potential risk in the air cargo logistics field, together in providing its partners with the platform for win-win cooperation and long-term development.

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