Dingxi Jinfan Modern Logistics: Success through Transformation and Upgrade

Found in 2013, Dingxi Jinfan Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise dedicated to integrating trade, logistics and warehousing. It is a local outstanding entrepreneur as a model of transformation and development which is located at Building Materials Road 33, Anding District, and Dingxi City. The construction area of Phase I covers an area of approximately 175,000 sqm. Until now, the information center, trade show center, central warehouse and exchange market were completed successfully to enhance the competitiveness. It used to be positioned as a trading town integrating furniture, building materials and logistics, and thus they desire for upgrade and re-planning with the aim of surviving in the fierce competitive homogenized market.

What people say about intermodal transportation? It is safe, super-reliable and high-quality which explains why intermodal transportation has gained such great popularity in recent years. Due to recent trends in intermodal transportation, after a thorough discussion with our client and comprehensive researches, according to the current economy situation, our experienced expert made full use of existing resource and came up with a well-rounded, more improved strategy of “Five Core Strategies of Marketing Positioning “ and “Eight Core Strategies of Functional Positioning” to address the problem. One further strategy is to actively introduce international advanced logistic management techniques for the purpose of reducing operating costs and enhancing the competitiveness. Undoubtedly, technology helps make intermodal transportation more attractive. The Dingxi Jinfan Modern Logistics Co., Ltd forms a strategic alliance with BPS Global with the goal of ensuring all modes in strong performance and work together seamlessly in the re-planning process.

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