Conceptual and Functional Design and Consigned Management on Tianjin Teda Bonded Warehouse Expansion Project

Teda Bonded Warehouse Company Limited (TBW) is based in Technical Economic Development Area (TEDA). At present, it is the only public bonded warehouse within the region.

Most of the companies within TEDA are manufacturer and they always have high expectations in logistics service, such as JIT and VMI system, because their raw material and finished products and imported from and exported to foreign country respectively. The growing demands in logistics service provided a need for establishing a comprehensive logistics center and create an opportunity for TBW to penetrate into this market.

Project Timeline

In this project, BPS conducted a detailed market research and requirement analysis to access the information of client and the latest market trends. The solution proposed in this project is formulated by using PESTLE analysis. These include:

  • Determine any policy in TEDA encourage development of logistics facility that can drive business development within the region;
  • The economic condition of TEDA. Electronic and automotive are the leading industry within the area;
  • The social environment of TEDA which is suitable for the development logistics industry;
  • The experience of TBW and technical support of HKLTS;
  • The favor condition of legal system in TEDA;
  • location and transportation advantages of the project site.

Investment Term

  • BPS is well experienced in developing of similar projects. A detailed report on number and proportion of the staff required is proposed and it is useful for TBW on recruitment, training and operation need.
  • BPS has in-depth knowledge and experience about logistics facilities and equipment. A detailed procurement list of logistics equipment with electricity requirement is proposed, so that TBW can purchase suitable equipment base on the list so as to avoid any operation delay.
  • BPS proposed an operation flow and procedure for this project. This can increase operation accuracy and customer service level.
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