Logistics Park Master Planning

BPS Logistic Technology has rich resources and solid logistics operation expertise to help all types of clients from commercial enterprises, manufacturing companies to investment units for their logistics park project planning, design, construction, and operations management consultancy services. BPS Logistic Technology supports clients by making use of modern logistics concepts, technologies and experience to plan and manage the logistics projects or to improve supply chain management performance.

Strategic Development Plan

Our priority is to fully understand our clients’ requirements and the site constraints so that we make the most of the available land, to maximise development potential. We provide our client with a very quick understanding of the potential of a site, whether it is able to efficiently accommodate a specific requirement and clients' business.

Conceptual/Functional Design

BPS Logistic Technology regards conceptual/functional design as a critical stage of the project. We capture all of the influencing factors and test ideas with the client and other responsible parties. Our technical expertise at the detailed design stage of a project ensures our client get the best, most efficient and effective design solutions.

Market Study and Consultancy

Our logistics consultancy team at BPS Logistic Technology is well qualified and prepared to help clients craft the logistics concept best suited for their business nature. We will assist clients in developing the very best logistics network, warehouse layout, manufacturing plant layout, material handling solutions, and information systems for their supply chain operation.

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