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Automating eCommerce Warehouses for Improved Inventory and Order Management

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Unprecedented Challenges in the eCommerce Sector

The Growing Pains of eCommerce Expansion

The eCommerce industry has experienced rapid growth across all product categories, bringing major challenges in supply chain management and logistics. eCommerce retailers confront struggles with infrastructure capabilities, inventory accuracy, shipping logistics and warehouse operations. However, advances in warehouse automation provide innovative solutions to these issues, catering to the specific needs of large corporations to small and medium businesses.

Mastering Inventory Across Multiple Fronts

For eCommerce businesses, maintaining accurate inventory levels across multiple warehouses and drop-ship locations is a significant challenge. Advanced forecasting and inventory optimisation tools offer greater visibility and control of stock levels. By connecting disparate warehouse management systems and ERP software, automation solutions provide a centralised, real-time view of inventory across the distribution network.

Streamlining Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics pose another key challenge in eCommerce. Automation streamlines fulfilment with solutions like dynamic order routing and cross-docking to efficiently move orders from receipt to delivery. Warehouse management systems integrate with top shipping providers to optimise labelling, tracking, and freight.

Revolutionising Warehouse Picking and Packing

Warehouse picking and packing operations present prime opportunities for automation. Systems like autonomous guided forklifts, mobile robots, and robot case handling dramatically boost throughput and accuracy. Workers are freed from repetitive tasks to focus on value-added activities.

The Advantages of Smart Warehouse Automation

The Benefits of Automating Warehouses

Smart warehouse automation solutions bring several benefits:

  • Increased speed and accuracy of fulfilment.
  • Reduced labour costs through automation.
  • Greater inventory visibility and capital efficiency.
  • Faster, more flexible response to customer orders.
  • Improved service levels and customer satisfaction.

After implementing a cloud-based WMS plan, a distribution company experienced a 10% speed up in inbound put-away operations, 99.9%+ accuracy in outbound operations, and a 15% increase in picking and outbound operation efficiency.

BPS Logistics Technology: Your Automation Partner

BPS Logistics Technology, an industry leader and the largest warehouse automation system integrator in Hong Kong, offers tailored smart warehouse automation solutions to e-commerce companies. Our comprehensive suite of technologies includes mobile robots, AS/RS, sortation, conveyors, and warehouse management software to optimise operations.

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