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“Care of elderly” is one of the most important voluntary services at BPS Global. Especially those elderly who are living alone need much more love and care.

On March 2nd, Saturday, a group of BPS volunteers attendded an elderly visit activity. They went to visit those elderly who were living alone in Lam Tin Estate. The volunteers were divided into male and female teams to visit 30 number of elderly. Although the average age of the elderly group reached 80, they were very active and talkative. Some of them were so lovely, they even taught our colleagues to do the stretching exercise and the way to keep younger.

There were some public areas outside the home of the elderly, and therefore some of them will always gather at the public area, sharing tea in the afternoon. They have good relationship between each other. When they meet the volunteers, they reacted actively which could see from their happy faces. When the visit finished, each teams of volunteers will send the elderly a package of food and leave reluctantly.

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