Hong Kong Streetathon 2019

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On January 13th, a group of BPS Global sports lover participated in the "Hong Kong Streetathon 2019" charity race to raise funds for charities. The theme of this year is "Tung Shing", which means blessing Hong Kong and Hong Kong people for good fortune. BPS Global is honored to participate in this special 8km event, “8” is the lucky number in Chinese traditional culture and implying “Sure Win” !Besides the 8km event, the race also features half marathon. The two races started at the Kwun Tong Bypass and the destination were Kwun Tong Hoi Bun Road Park and Tokwawan Recreation Ground.

"Hong Kong Streetathon 2019" launched much more green initiatives this year. It has set up self-service water stations in the starting areas and runways of the 8km and half-marathon to encourage runners to bring along their own bottles. The organizer first time to set up cupZERO at one of the supply stations. The use of cupZERO is to replace the disposable cup with a recyclable cup to achieve the objective of environment protection.

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