Designed specifically to measure and weigh small parts, irregular shaped and boxed items

The CubiScan 125 is a small static cubing system that uses a combination of sensing technologies to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts and components as well as boxed items. Small parts and non-cuboidal items are measured with great precision using infrared sensing technology, while larger boxed items are measured with ultrasonic sensors.


The CubiScan 125 is commonly used to improve storage-space planning, carton size selection, repacking, check-weighing and shipment manifesting in medical, pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware, and consumer goods distribution. It has an integrated control panel/display, and outputs to a user-supplied PC. Capacity for boxes/cases is 24 x 30 x 36 inches with a resolution of 0.1 inches; irregular items are at 18 x 18 x 12 inches with a resolution of 0.05 inches. The 125 also includes an integrated, high-accuracy 50 x 0.005 lbs scale.

Each unit has one active serial communication port, one Ethernet port, and one USB port. Proprietary interface software, called Qbit™, accompanies the system and allows for menu-driven operator control, data storage/transfer and diagnostics. A mobile cart and useful accessories such as a portable power supply, handheld barcode scanner and label printers are available to create a completely mobile cubing, weighing and identification work station.

The CubiScan 125 combines powerful sensing technologies to create a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications.


Freight Manifesting / Auditing Applications

  • Designed specifically to measure and weigh small parts, irregular shaped, and boxed items
  • Designed to work with and interface to warehouse management system software
  • Facilitates storage location selection, order picking, carton selection, and shipment planning
  • Compatible with case packing/load optimization software packages
  • Eliminates manual data entry and protects data integrity
  • Provides data useful for retail shelf-space allocation (planogramming)


  • Easy to use Windows® based software interface
  • Real-time or batch-mode data transfer to host system available
  • Mobile system moves anywhere in the warehouse or pick isles
  • Dimensional and weight data available in metric and/or imperial units
  • Uses sensing technology which is safe for both operators and package contents

Physical Specifications


42in (1,067mm)


44 in (1,118mm)


52in (1,321mm)


130lbs (59kg)

Measurement Range

Measurement Time:

3 - 5 seconds per measurement


boxed items - 0.5in (13mm) to 24in (610mm);

irregular items - 0.1in (2mm) to 18in (450mm)


boxed items - 0.5 in (13mm) to 30in (762mm);

irregular items - 0.1 in (2mm) to 18in (450mm)


boxed items - 0.5in (13mm) to 36in (914mm);

irregular items - 0.1in (2mm) to 12in (305mm)

Measurement Increment:

boxed items - 0.1in (2mm);

irregular items - 0.05in(1mm)

Weight Capacity:

0.005 to 50lbs(0.002 to 25kg)

Weight Increment:


Object Colors:

boxed items - All Colors;

irregular items - Opaque


Measure Sensor:

Infrared light beam and ultrasonic

Weight Sensor:

Load Cell


Serial (1),Ethernet (1),USB (1)

User Interface:

Integrated touch screen display/ QBIT™ software

Power Requirements:

95 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz

Operating Temperature:

32 - 104℉(0-40℃)


0 - 90%

Different Models

Cubiscan 25
Cubiscan 75
Cubiscan 100/110
Cubiscan In-motion
Cubiscan 325
Cubiscan 275
Cubiscan 150
Cubiscan 225
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