Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Our navigated forklift AGV systems including vision-navigated pallet forklift AGV, vision-navigated counter-balanced forklift AGV,  vision-navigated reach forklift AGV, visual navigation Pallet Stacker Forklift AGV and vision navigated tractor AGV by utilising the plug-and-operation and standardised intelligent visual localisation and navigation module. Our technology enables the customers to easily retrofit their existing manual forklift/tractors into vision-navigated AGVs.


Streamlining Warehouse Efficiency with Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Discover how the Autonomous Guided Forklift is transforming the warehouse of the future. Our state-of-the-art AGF systems revolutionise material handling by integrating the latest in navigation and control technologies for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Unlike traditional forklifts, AGFs can operate autonomously, reducing the need for manual labour and eliminating human error. AGF systems are equipped with advanced sensors and real-time data processing capabilities, allowing them to navigate precisely within complex warehouse layouts. With the ability to operate 24/7, AGFs significantly enhance operational productivity and reduce overall costs. Embrace the future of logistics with the Autonomous Guided Forklift and turn your warehouse into a hub of innovation and efficiency.

What is Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)?

Autonomous Guided Forklifts utilise advanced vision navigation technology to automate material movement in warehouses and distribution centres. The AGF product line includes pallet forklifts, counterbalanced forklifts, reach forklifts, pallet stacker forklifts, and tractors. They are flexible, scalable, and ideal for streamlining repetitive and routine tasks, allowing your warehouse to focus on more valuable areas of your business.

The adaptability of Autonomous Guided Forklifts enables them to handle a wide range of tasks, from transporting pallets to stacking materials at any height. Designed to operate smoothly in confined spaces and narrow aisles, they are the perfect solution for optimising modern warehouse settings. Additionally, the user-friendly setup and programming ensure seamless integration into your existing warehouse operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

Automated red forklift branded with BPS Global and DB Schenker logos in a modern, brightly lit warehouse.
Automated red forklift branded with BPS Global and DB Schenker logos in a modern, brightly lit warehouse.

System Solutions

BPS Logistics Technology offers intelligent AGV systems that integrate with your existing site systems. Our flexible interfaces and customisation allow you to automate your entire vehicle operations, cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and enhancing flexibility in warehouses or factories. We provide various self-driving vehicle solutions, including visual, laser, inertial, and magnetic navigation. Choose the best method or combine them to meet your site's needs. Our products include pallet, counterbalanced, and reach forklifts, tractors, and lifts. We also offer software and hardware modules to convert manual vehicles to autonomous ones quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Optimised material handling workflows for enhanced productivity

Improved safety by eliminating human error and reducing the risk of injuries

Capable of working 24/7, increasing operational efficiency

Seamless integration with a WMS

Applications of Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Revolutionise your warehouse operations with Autonomous Guided Forklifts (AGF). These advanced systems enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reliability across various applications, making your material handling processes seamless and more productive.

Two red and black automated electric forklifts by BPS Global, showcased in a sleek industrial environment.

Automated Pallet and Material Transport

Effortlessly streamline material flow and reduce manual labour with precise, automated transport solutions.

Automated Retrieval of Goods

Enhance speed and accuracy in retrieving goods, minimising retrieval times and boosting productivity.

Inventory Management and Order Fulfilment

Maintain up-to-date inventory and streamline order processing for higher customer satisfaction and reduced errors.

Repetitive Material Handling Tasks

Automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity and allow workers to focus on more complex activities.

Different Models of Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF)

Vision-navigated Counterbalanced Forklift
Advanced Navigation. Maximum Efficiency.
Vision-navigated Pallet Forklift
Seamless Navigation. Ultimate Performance.
Vision-navigated Reach Forklift
Elevate Efficiency, Navigate Smartly.
Vision-navigated Slim Pallet Stacker
Effortless Navigation in Narrow Aisles.
Vision-navigated Tractor
Efficient Cargo Transport, Maximum Reliability.
Visual Navigation Pallet Stacker Forklift
High Precision Stacking, Effortless Navigation.

Industries Utilising Autonomous Guided Forklift (AGF) Solutions

Cold Chain

Ensure temperature-controlled items are transported efficiently within cold warehouse environments.


Optimise warehouse workflows for smoother order fulfilment during busy shipping periods with their 24/7 capabilities.


Minimise risks of contamination by eliminating human contact during material handling

System Solutions

BPS Logistics Technology is committed to providing AGV intelligent system solutions for customers. Our flexible system interface and customisation technology allow the central control system of the autonomous driving vehicles to easily interface with different customer site systems. Our solutions allow customers to automate entire industrial vehicle operations so as to reduce costs, improve efficiency, acheive greater flexibllity in warehouses or factories.

We provide a variety of self-driving industrial vehicle solutions such as visual navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, and magnetic nail navigation. Different navigation methods can be utilised or combined according to our customers’ site environments and application requirements to meet different demands created by different indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. The variety of our AGV products such as pallet counter-balanced and reach forklifts, and tractors, and lifts can meet different customers’ needs. At the same time, we provide software and hardware modification modules together with intelligent navigation positioning and control modules. Our solutions adopt the approach of process standardisation, hardware modularisation, high algorithm integration, and plug and operation of hardware modules to effectively improve retrofitting efficiency so that traditional manual industrial vehicles can be quickly upgraded to autonomous ones.

pallet forklift AGV


  • High price performance ratio for the low cost designs and original sensing and control algorithms
  • High flexibility to application environments and minimum change requirements ofthe environmental settings
  • High adaptability to complex environments for the original application/environment oriented integration and optimisation technology

Different Models

Vision-navigated Counterbalanced Forklift
Vision-navigated Pallet Forklift
Vision-navigated Reach Forklift
Vision-navigated Slim Pallet Stacker
Vision-navigated Tractor
Visual Navigation Pallet Stacker Forklift
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